Welcome to our Website

Who we are

Welcome to our site. We are students from 2nd High School of Zefyri, classes second and third, of our three year education in Gymnasium.  We will be your "guides" in our recycling tour through our website pages.

Why we chose our topic

During our school life we have taken part in many projects. Education issues, environmental issues, and issues in general concerning our school community.

Although, recycling is a topic well covered, there is always plenty of room to add information and comments towards awareness of our fellow students. During our involvement we found out that although Greece has made a lot of steps towards recycling there are more things to be done.

Our effort through this project is to help in that direction. Instead of making a static website we will try to activate the largest possible number of schools towards our common purpose. To get informed and act responsible. On that direction we will  try to give incentives to participate in these recycling programs.

This will be done by defining a common day at the end of our school year where schools will be visiting our web pages and discuss recycling. Schools can also participate in our web site by sending constructions and recycling facts related to their countries.

Our main goal is to inform our fellow students on the importance of recycling. In that direction  we want to show how much the education community is really concerned on recycling by making our website bigger and bigger, with the contribution of our fellow students around the world.

Why we participated in the competition.

Destination is not as important as the journey towards destination.
(K. Kavafis 1863-1933)



When we were informed on this global contest it seemed like a mountain impossible to climb. Nothing was in our favor. Although, the contest was running from August, we got informed and started working just before Christmas, losing too much time. Our IT laboratory is very poor in hardware and software for such an attempt.

Nevertheless, we all decided that it is worthwhile just for the experience. So, you are just about to find out what we came up with.

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Enjoy and get informed.